Introducing Iceberg : Distraction-free Writing Mode for WordPress Block Editor

It’s not new to everyone that I’m a fan of the new WordPress block editor. In fact, I’ve been working on several projects to help everyone be accustomed to Gutenberg. Today, I’m super excited to launch a new plugin I’ve been working on lately. Introducing Iceberg, your distraction-free writing mode for the WordPress block editor.


With the latest and upcoming Gutenberg updates, it’s getting clearer that WordPress aims to provide a page builder tool to the users. With the current user interface, it’s becoming harder to focus on just writing and publishing contents within WordPress.

Writers and even developers ( including me ) are relying on apps like Bear, Notes, Google Docs, and Paper, then pasting the content to block editor once done putting thoughts into words. Having a fully integrated writing mode on WordPress makes it a lot convenient for all of us to publish content on our websites.


Iceberg is a theme-able markdown writing mode for Gutenberg block editor. With Iceberg, you will feel comfortable writing, away from noise and any distractions.

You’ll be delighted with the available features including markdown support, customizable typography, theme-able interface, writing shortcuts, and even emojis, plus more.


The Iceberg team consists of Rich Tabor and I. We are a team of active individuals on the Gutenberg space. You can expect that we will take your WordPress publishing to another level 👍


I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished with Iceberg so far and we will strive more to make writing with WordPress great again. I hope you love Iceberg as well. Let me know what you think on the comment section below.


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  1. bought this when i saw it on product hunt, its pretty impressive 😉

    1. Jeffrey Carandang Avatar
      Jeffrey Carandang

      Thanks for the support Chris! Super glad that you loved it!

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