Hello and Welcome to my Personal Blog Site!

Jeffrey Carandang

My name is Jeffrey Carandang, a WordPress developer and founder of Phpbits Creative Studio. I’ve been developing plugins for a decade now and been known for Widget Options, Easy Login Styler and CoBlocks.

I write on my plugin’s website but in the recent months, I have found myself thinking of a great place to share my thoughts and personal experiences. Thus, starting this website where I plan to post my WordPress plugin business experiences, coding, marketing and personal ventures.

I hope everyone will support me by providing feedback and comments. You can also reach out if you have interesting ideas that I can write about. Thank you and wish me luck!

3 responses to “Hello and Welcome to my Personal Blog Site!”

  1. I’m an instant follower! Good luck!

  2. Love coblocks.

    1. Jeffrey Carandang Avatar
      Jeffrey Carandang

      Thanks! Really glad that you are loving CoBlocks! It’s been updated recently with new features available 🙂

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