Extendify is taking over the EditorsKit plugin and add-ons, ShareABlock, and other tools

I’ve announced 10 months ago that I joined the amazing 10up team as a full-time Web Engineer. I’m doing great so far and I love working with super-talented individuals, plus I’m learning a lot.

Having said that, my time was occupied by my full-time work and adjusting through my shifts, personal stuff, and with what’s happening in the world due to lockdowns; and the covid virus. I hate to admit it but I think I’ve neglected my role in the EditorsKit plugin/community that I’ve built for the past couple of years. With this, my sincere apology to the plugin users and the whole community.

Very timely though, I got a message from Munir Kamal and Artur Grabowski from the Extendify team. They are investing a lot of time and effort in revolutionizing the Gutenberg block editor. I’m truly grateful that they are concerned about the EditorsKit plugin not having the timely updates and support that it previously had. Thus, after days of talking to each other, we’ve decided that their amazing team at Extendify will take over the development of the EditorsKit set of tools including:

  1. EditorsKit plugin and add-on – https://editorskit.com/
  2. ShareABlock – https://shareablock.com/
  3. CopyGradients – https://copygradients.com/
  4. CopyGlyphs – https://copyglyphs.com/

These tools revolve around the Gutenberg editor and how any users can use this new editor at ease, especially those that are switching from the Classic Editor.

Thank you for the trust and support you all have given me in this plugin and community. I appreciate it a lot and I hope you continue supporting the EditorsKit plugin and the Extendify team that will carry the torch moving forward. If any of you have any questions, I’ll be very happy to answer them in the comment section. See you around everyone!

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  1. EditorsKit plugin is a must have plugin for me. Thank you for developing and nurturing it till recently. All the very best for your new phase in your work life.

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