Gutenberg Drag and Drop Importer, Exporter, Highlight Color Format and more in EditorsKit 1.7

The Gutenberg Plugin version 5.9.2 was released a few days ago with lots of new features and improvements. Even so, I still have so many ideas and features that I think should be added in order to use the editor to the fullest. Today, I’ve added a few more missing features of Gutenberg editor to EditorsKit plugin alongside improvements and compatibility for the latest Gutenberg version.

Here are the features included in the EditorsKit version 1.7 :

Single, Selected or Reusable Block Export on the Gutenberg Editor

The only way for you to export certain block(s) is to convert it to reusable block then navigate to “Manage Reusable Blocks” dashboard. This is quite tedious and I’ve ended up having lots of reusable blocks, which by the way for some reason sometimes cause errors on the previous Gutenberg releases. Also, there is no menu on the admin navigation area to go to reusable blocks aside from the editor itself. In this case, I’ve decided to create a solution to this problem by providing an option to export any blocks and not just reusable block.

I’ve made it very easy! Just click the “Block Settings” icon on each block then click Export as JSON. You can also select multiple blocks and export them all at once.

Single, Selected or Reusable Block Export on the Gutenberg Editor

Drag and Drop Import directly on Gutenberg Editor

The exported .json file from the Export as JSON can easily be imported into the editor. Just drag and drop the file and it will automatically generate the blocks. If you import a Reusable Block, it will be created automatically, too. With these steps, you do not need to navigate to separate admin dashboard just to manage the reusable blocks.

Drag and Drop Import directly on Gutenberg Editor

New Text Color and Highlight Color User Interface

Text and Background Color Formats were introduced on version 1.5, from which I’ve got a lot of positive feedback from users. In this release, I’ve decided to separate Background Color and create Highlight Color Format with predefined background colors for users to easily select them. Here are the improvements on the brand new color formats : 

New Text Color and Highlight Color User Interface Preview

Upvote on ProductHunt 🙏

With all the features added on EditorsKit, I feel like it’s time to add the plugin on ProductHunt. Please do upvote and don’t forget to share the news that the free Gutenberg Toolkit plugin is now available for hunters.

EditorsKit - WordPress Editor Toolkit - Page Building Toolkit for the Gutenberg Block Editor. | Product Hunt Embed


Features for the upcoming versions are already laid out and available on Github. I’m also working on on how to include media attachments on the Import and Export feature. This will save a lot of time transferring contents and managing reusable blocks. I’ve also started contributing directly to Gutenberg development to bring Text and Highlight Colors to core plugin. I’m super excited on how this will turn out and planning to move more EditorsKit features directly to Gutenberg. Follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

As always, you can download EditorsKit for free on the WordPress plugin directory, and please don’t forget to leave a review.

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